Sippity Sup’s (Self-Serving?) Top Ten Round-Up of 2009

I sorta promised myself I wasn’t gonna do this. But then curiosity took hold and I decided I’d do the research and keep the results to myself. But then the results seemed sort of fascinating and I wondered why they were this way.

So here you go the Top Ten most viewed pages from SippitySup in 2009. In the number one position is How to Remodel a Kitchen in 905 Days. My kitchen is great, I know it is. But really? The TOP post? I almost didn’t even make that post.

Furthermore, only one of my personal favorites of 2009 even made the Top Ten, Remembering Beets so Red It’s Fusilli. Which got me thinking about what’s popular versus what’s “good” in my opinion. I have never been very good at choosing “the best” in any category. Inevitably my favorite movie of any given year gets very little box office… I can’t explain it. Perhaps I am just dumb…

But gauging what people like is an important talent in the world of food isn’t it? I mean if I were to consistently put foods and recipes up here at SippitySup that had very little interest to most people, I’d soon drown in my own hollandaise!

Bloggers gauge their success by popularity. Bloggers receive awards based on how effectively they can get readers to support them. So in that sense blog success is more like The People’s Choice Awards than they are the Academy Awards. And there is nothing wrong with that, right?

So if I want to be a successful blogger (and I do) I need to get better at aligning what I like with what my readers enjoy. Hence, this list. Are there lessons here? Can you explain them to me?

sippity sup'd top ten posts from 2009


Greg Henry