Fattoria I Veroni Chianti Ruffina

With an unusually bright, floral bouquet this cherry red Chianti Ruffina brings to mind the daisies and chrysanthemums more typically attributed to white wines. It has an acidity that blooms nicely and allows this wine to contrast the deep earthy flavors of the sage, bacon and chard infused pork with which it is paired. The wine’s palate has moderate berry notes with more floral accents. The finish is fairly long and accentuates the slow pace necessary to enjoy the pork properly.

Fattori I Veroni Chianti

The Chianti region of Italy is large and produces a wide range of styles. No matter its pedigree however there are elements of Chianti that remain consistent. That is because they are made with the Sangiovese grape. So a dependable medium-bodied wine with berry and cherry fruits can be often be expected.

While Chianti can be produced exclusively from Sangiovese, the vast majority of Chianti is blended with other grapes. Traditionally grapes like Colorino, Canaiolo and Mammolo were used to add some aromatic complexity. But the best examples of Chianti use a light hand in their blends. Modern producers have begun to add some Merlot, adding a bold fruitiness, or sometimes Cabernet Sauvignon, making for a wine that is richer and fuller than the lighter, more traditional Chianti Ruffina. GRANT

Pairs With He Shows Signs of Neuronal Activity! Stuffed Pork Loin Chop with Chianti Sauce

Price $20

Also pairs well with Tuscan beef, game, mushrooms, roasted root vegetables, stews

  • Category Red Wine
  • Varietal Sangiovese
  • Region Tuscany Italy