A For Real Christmas Eve Fantasy Menu

Thanksgiving Table for 2

Some people play fantasy football. I’m not one of them. But I do like the idea of building a perfect “team” using my favorite “players” from across the board. I’m going to take this pop-culture idea and build myself a fantasy menu for a Christmas Eve dinner party.

Once you look at the menu you might be relieved to know that this dinner party is a fantasy too. This meal could cause me to die from exhaustion if I actually attempted to prepare it. But it’s fun to plan and it’s fun to think about. So I consulted the Sippity Sup archives and built a fantasy menu from the past entries of this little blog.

When I started this project I’ll admit it was really a lazy way to post something delicious for the holiday without a lot of wearisome cooking, cleaning, photographing, and blog writing. It’s Christmas, I’m busy too you know! But once I peeked back in time via the archives I got sucked into the depths of this blog (and my own strange mind). It would have been far less time-consuming to post some eggnog out of the carton and be done with it. 

This meal may be a fantasy but you might be interested in real recipes anyway. In that case click on the photos and you too can be whisked into the depths of this blog. That’s where you’ll soon discover that these recipes actually exist. Merry Christmas (for real)! GREG

My Fantasy Menu for Christmas 2021

Spiced Winter Punch

Fantasy Cocktail

Speck-Wrapped Grilled Persimmon

Fantasy Appetizer

Malaysian Scallops

Fantasy First Course

Caramelized Sweet Onion Soup

Fantasy Soup

Roast Pork Tenderloin with Tamarind Onions

Fantasy Main Course

Tasting Rome: Concia, Fried and Marinated Zucchini

Fantasy Side Dish

White Asparagus and Red Grapefruit and Green Goddess

Fantasy Salad

Chocolate Stout Cake

Fantasy Dessert