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Market Matters- Kishu Mandarin


So I am listening to Good Food on KCRW this week. It’s a radio program that I love and rarely miss. It’s part of our local public radio station, but you can listen online or even podcast it. I suggest you do. One of the people I have gotten to know and love through this…

Kumquat Liqueur Revelations


Time for the second to last update on my Kumquat Liqueur I have been calling Kumquacello. I still do not think that is the best name. You guys sent in way better ideas. You can review them at Kumquat Liqueur 1 and Kumquat Liqueur 2. But sometimes things just get stuck in my head and…

Kumquat Liqueur- A Progress Report


People have been asking. So I think it is time for a taste test and an update on the status of my vodka-steeped-kumquats. I am creating a kumquat liqueur similar to limoncello. In case you were born in a cave and are clueless about my experiment click on over to my first post on the…

Market Matters- Drunken Kumquats


Kumquats. Do you love them? They are one of the lesser known and most misunderstood members of the large and diverse citrus family. They are also my Market Matters choice this week. I just could not let citrus season slip by without choosing at least one example to discuss and create with this year. After…