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Roast Salmon and Beets

Don't get me started on my mid-life crisis. It's way too complicated to go into here. But I think we have time to discuss my mid-week crisis – or I should say crises (which, borrowing from the Greek, is plural for multiple mishaps). It seems no matter how hard I try there's always at least one night a week when I just can't get it together. These mini disasters always seem to fall mid-week too. I guess I could start a new internet fad and start posting Woeful Wednesdays. Roasted Salmon and Beets for Woeful Wednesday! Read More


About Greg

I started my blog on a whim. I was looking for a creative challenge, which may sound odd because I spent 20 years as an entertainment industry photographer. I’m not talking paparazzi, I don’t have the personality to hide in the bushes! I like fresh takes on the familiar. My recipes are often simple, modern and colorful, with roots in traditional styles. I'm the author of two cookbooks. I’ve been a speaker at IFBC, Food Buzz and Camp Blogaway. I’ve led cooking demonstrations in Panama and Costa Rica and developed recipes for major brands. I’ve traveled to Peru, Mexico, Norway and Alaska to promote culinary and/or vineyard travel tours. I was even featured in Food & Wine Magazine. I also co-host The Table Set on Home Fries podcast network.