WIN $50 worth of FREE MEAT @SippitySup & #OmahaHoliday

I think you know by now that I tend to spout my opinions rather loudly sometimes. Well this time my rantings about choosing a nice steak paid off, and you could be the beneficiary!

You can bet that the friendly folks at Omaha Steaks know something about choosing a nice steak and I guess they liked what I had to say on the matter too. Because they want to go one step further in helping you choose a nice steak, they want to give you $50 worth of free steak. Now that is indeed what I call nice steak!

They have provided me with a coupon for $50 of free meat. I get to give this coupon away to any one of the readers here at SippitySup. I get to design any sort of contest I like too.

I could ask each one of you to send me a baby picture of yourself, which I could then publish on SippitySup with lots of embarrassing comments attached. Or if I wanted to I could make you wear all pink for an entire week and then choose the person who was the pinkiest to receive the free steak. That would be a good one, huh?

omaha steaksBut instead I am going to make it easy. If you want to win the free steak all you have to do is become follower of @Omaha_steaks on Twitter and Re Tweet this post, then leave me a comment letting me know that you have done both of those things! Make sure you fill out the email address section on your comment so that I can get in touch with the winner. I have even made the Re Tweeting easy. There is a Re Tweet button at the top of this post, but you can go to Twitter and Re Tweet manually if you prefer. Just make sure your Tweet has both @SippitySup and #OmahaHoliday in the text. One entry per person. Deadline Thursday, December 17 Midnight Pacific Time.

To choose a winner I will write the names of each entrant on a slip of paper and have a good old-fashioned random drawing. I will videotape this drawing and post the video here on Friday December 18! Then each and every one of us will know who the lucky winner is!

I know it’s not as exciting as a pogo stick endurance contest, but I think it will be fun anyway.


Greg Henry