Two Sups Up- SuppleWine

Two Sups Up!!Two Sups Up!!I know this day is traditionally Maniac Monday, devoted to all things TomatoManiac. And I did do a proper post devoted to tomatoes. But I am also in the middle of my mustard salute.  So I thought I would double post and pass along something relevant to my mustard meanderings as well.

So here goes. I found a cool website. It’s called SuppleWine​.com. I can hear you now. “A wine site”, you say, “what’s a wine site have to do with mustard?”

Well if you remember, yesterday I recommended a white Burgundy as a good wine pairing with the mussels in saffron and mustard broth.  I live in California I was all prepared to recommend a nice California Chardonnay. I know these wines quite well and was prepared to go that way. 

But, I thought, the whole theme and vibe of the “moules” amour post was un petit français. So to be thorough I thought I’d better do a little research (this is where supplewine​.com comes in). This way maybe I could recommend a French wine really rounding out the French feel of the post.

Now I am not stupid. I know that white Burgundies are from the Chardonnay grape. But I have had enough of them to also know they are quite different than the CA Chardonnays I know so well. 

So before I went out and picked up a couple of bottles, spending my hard earned money (not to mention passing the rec on to you). I wanted to make sure it was the right wine for this recipe. 

You know me, I would not be happy with re-hashed information. The kind just trying to sell me a particular bottle of wine. I wanted to LEARN something.

Lo-and-behold SuppleWine had a whole essay on the great wines of Burgundy.  It was well written, accessible and easy to understand. But it did not talk down to me either. It had a balanced tone that was perfect for someone like me. I have a passable knowledge of good wine but I am no wine nerd. 

Even better. If you know much about Burgundy wine then you know that it (seems) to be all about the Pinot Noir.

But because I have had several great experiences with the Chardonnay varietal from Burgundy I knew there was more to that place than a great red.

And guess what. They know it too. I learned enough valuable information about white Burgundies to feel really comfortable pairing one with my mussels. It was an inspired choice!

I am just getting to know this website. But it seems they are building a user-created database. Which could be fun. You might see more of Sup over there.

While it’s not a blog, the information is handled much like some of the best blogs I know. Which means it has a point of view. It’s readable. It’s fun. You feel like you know the people involved.  You feel like you have something in common with them.

Well, when there are people out there doing something fresh in the foodie world I think it’s my job to call them out and say so. I have done it with bloggers I like, and I am happy to do it for SuppleWine. Two Sups Up for guys and gals at SuppleWine.


Greg Henry