The Table Set Holiday Feast Video

Feast Menu 2013

Here’s how I know that the holidays are in full swing. The Table Set had a holiday feast party. It was a beast of a feast too, and I mean that in a mighty good way. Because the holidays call for for feasting.

The theme of this year’s feast was loosely built around Hanukkah. Partly because Hanukkah and Thanksgiving could be celebrated together for the first time. This  strange quirk of the calender has become known as Thanksgivingukkah and won’t it happen again for 70,000 years. So hell yeah, we threw a party.

I’ve decided to include the menu in this post. That’s not done so much as to make you hungry (or even jealous) as it is show the creativity behind this evening of feasting. As I said there was a vague Hanukkah theme to the evening. So we decided to tweak the menu to include a few Jewish classics. Of course each of the cooks had to make these “classics” uniquely their own.

For example I took brisket and flavored the sauce with the tastes and textures of pepperoni pizza. Now I realize pepperoni is not exactly Jewish food. But I promise my heart was in the right place. As were the hearts and stomachs of all the guests.

There’s a video featuring more from the evening below. There’s even more holiday cheer in the form of a lively holiday booze discussion on latest episode of The Table Set podcast, Holiday Cocktail Shtik. Which is again vaguely Jewish. L’chaim. GREG