Sup! Can’t Soup No more- ZEN Breeze Cocktail

Sup! can’t soup no more! I will still be eating soup until my jaw gets unwired. But you probably cannot face another soup from Sup!

I can dress my posts up with all the pretty pictures I like. I can attach witty banter. I can even (try) and pass along valuable cooking tips.

But at the end of the day. It’s the middle of July and you are not about to spend 4 hours standing over a steaming soup pot just ‘cuz I can’t eat steak, or pasta, or fish, or bread, or apples, or taco, or burgers, or well anything other than soup!

The (further) funny thing is this. Though I have been reduced to a 100% liquid diet. That diet does not include alcohol. Oh the cruelty! The ironies guiding my life at the moment are far too brilliant to go into.

Though there is some good news. Today was my last day of meds. So (you guessed it) I am having a cocktail. Outside. By the pool in my skimpiest swimsuit. I may have lost 10 pounds and look like a skeleton, but at least I can get back into my high school swim team Speedo! It’s green. And no I will not attach a pic so don’t ask.



There is even more good news. I was given a sample of Zen Green Tea Liqueur and I decided to break it out this afternoon.

So I went to their website and found a recipe for a “Zen Breeze”. Theirs calls for white cranberry juice. I am sure they chose white because they want to accentuate the lovely pale green color of this green tea liqueur. But I only had red. I also threw in some blueberries. Not that I can eat them, but they are pretty. And let’s face it. In a cocktail, presentation is at least 68% of the game!

And in this game it’s my turn for a drink…

1 part ZEN Green Tea Liqueur

2 parts cranberry juice

Serve in a tall glass over ice.

Garnish with fresh cranberries, blueberries, mint or a twist of lime.


Greg Henry