Don The Beachcomber Rumaki

serves 6–8

1 lb chicken livers
1 teasp anise seed
3 tbsp brown sugar
tbsp kitchen bouquet
2 bay leaves
1½ teasp salt
2 lb slices bacon
oil for frying
1 12 oz can water chestnuts

1. Combine chicken livers with anise seed, brown sugar, kitchen Bouquet, bay leaves, and salt. Saute slowly about 45 minutes.

2. Cut livers into chunks. Cut water chestnuts in thirds, eah piece about 1/4″ thibk. Place a piece of chestnut and a pice of liver together. wrap them in  1/2 strip bacon. secure with tooth pick. Deep fry in 400 degree oil until crispy. Drain and serve.

Don The Beachcomber Rumaki 

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