Bosca-Canelli Verdi Spumante

WINE:  Bosca-Canelli Verdi Spumante
Verdi SpumantePractically colorless with a slight green tinge, Verdi Spumante has faint yet pleasant aromas and flavors of lightly sweet peach and pear. This is a simple, quaffing style beverage, which should appeal to those who find traditional sparkling wines too dry and complicated. There is a musty flavor on the finish, and when served on its own, seems a bit distracting. However, when served as an accompaniment to Greg’s pear sorbet, the spumante’s better features are evident. Spumante, in Italian, means sparkling or bubbling. It is this bubbly mouthfeel that pairs so nicely with the frozen dessert, providing a nice contrast in textures.


To really discuss Verdi Spumante, one should look at what it is, and what it is not. It is not wine. It ‘s a malt beverage, closer to beer than wine, in fact. It is, however, light, bubbly and refreshing– much like many wines. So while I do cringe a little bit when people refer to it as wine (and PLEASE don’t call it Champagne!), I don’t object to recommending Verdi to anyone looking to add a little sparkle to their next meal, party or good time!
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From the manufacturer:

Verdi Spumante is a natural, sparkling beverage imported
from Italy.

Deliciously sparkling and zesty, it has a soft and fruity flavor.
Serve chilled to fully enjoy its balanced, clean, delightful taste.

Verdi Spumante is a perfect crowd pleaser for every occasion.
Its elegant taste appeals to all…and its re-sealable cork closure preserves the sparkle until you’re ready for the next glass.

This malt beverage with natural flavors is the new
fun drink alternative and the fastest-growing sparkling Italian Spumante in the U.S.!


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