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Al Toke Pez Restaurant: Lima, Peru


There’s so much good food in Lima, Peru. Choosing just one meal to highlight was difficult. However, I chose Al Toke Pez (Avenida Angamos 886) because everything about the place defied my expectations of what Peruvian cooking could be. Particularly the location. Lima may be the throbbing epicenter of Peruvian cuisine but, like my hometown of…

Apple Gateau


I’ve got a lot to cover in 300 words today. So let me start with the five most important words: Apple Gateau from Anne Willan. There are at least three good reasons you’re seeing those five words today (Apple Gateau from Anne Willan). The first is. I did a bastardized version of this recipe recently,…

Family Winemakers of California Tasting


Family Winemakers of California- Small production, big passion. Last weekend 150 proud California wine producers gathered at the Pasadena Convention Center to show (off) the fermented fruits of their labor. I was impressed by the breadth of their offerings: from Old World to New World varietals, from 100 to 10,000 cases, from vineyards all points…