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Red Mustard: Didn’t Frilly Turn Out.


Frilly Red Mustard is the second challenge in my trio of “red” greens. It’s a beautiful little guy. Red and frilly. It has a mild taste. Much milder than the green mustard you know so well. In my intro blog Red Is The New Greens, I said I’d probably do a salad. Well I probably…

Ommegang Abbey Ale


BEER: Ommegang Abbey Ale (750 ml) FOOD: Ale-Braised Mustard-Glazed Short Ribs with French Fries Dark mahogany in color, with toasty aromas of malt, baked fig, licorice, cinnamon, and cloves. Brewed in the state of New York in the Belgian dubbel ale style, it is packed with an array of flavors such as ripe dark fruits,…

Again With Those Damn Mustard Greens


A quick word from me here. I thought I had put the saga of the trio of “red” greens behind me. But the truth is I have been thinking about that Red Mustard Gratin and why it was so blah…. You might think it’s odd that something so forgettable could stick in my craw the…