Ommegang Abbey Ale

BEER: Ommegang Abbey Ale (750 ml)

FOOD: Ale-Braised Mustard-Glazed Short Ribs with French Fries

Ommegang Abbey AleDark mahogany in color, with toasty aromas of malt, baked fig, licorice, cinnamon, and cloves. Brewed in the state of New York in the Belgian dubbel ale style, it is packed with an array of flavors such as ripe dark fruits, caramel, chocolate, baking spices, and pepper. With a rich sweetness, earthy tones, and nutty finish, this is a complex beer, and well-suited to the layered flavors in Greg’s Ale-Braised Mustard-Glazed Short Ribs. The beer’s full body holds up to the dish’s richness, yet lively carbonation and a dry finish prevents it from feeling heavy.

Ommegang Abbey Ale emulates Belgium’s Trappist ales, which are beers brewed by or under the control of monks belonging to the Trappist order of the Roman Catholic Church. Most Belgian Trappist Ales fall under 2 main styles: Dubbel (double), and Tripel (triple). Dubbels are typically brown ales with fairly high alcohol content (6–8% ABV), a slight bitterness, and a pronounced fruitiness. Tripels are usually stronger and more bitter than dubbels. In my opinion, these complex beers pair with rich and complex foods, including desserts, as well or better than many wines.


PRICE: about $6.00

Ommegang also pairs well with Cheese, chocolate, duck, game meats, sausage, spiced desserts, stews.

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