Yalumba Antique Reserve Tawny Port (NV)

Beautiful in the glass with a deep amber color and greenish rim. Intense aromas of dried fruits like figs and dates jump out of the glass, followed by mellower scents of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. With concentrated flavors of fig pudding, orange zest, almonds, chocolate and caramel, this wine complements the rich and spicy flavors in Greg’s dark chocolate pumpkin tart, without competing with it. This is definitely a sweet wine, but because of a persistent yet pleasant brandy-like feel, the lingering finish is elegant and dry.

Traditionally, Port wines are fortified wines produced exclusively in Portugal’s Duoro Valley. However, fortified wines using the port name are being produced outside Portugal, most notable in Australia and the United States. There are many styles of port, distinguished from each other by the source and quality of the wines, and the manner in which they are aged. The basic styles are Ruby, Tawny, Vintage, Late Bottled Vintage (LBV), and Colheita. Each style has its own merits, and can range widely in price. For me, a nice aged Vintage Port and a hunk of Stilton cheese is about as good as life gets! GRANT

Pairs With FoodBuzz Challenge #8: Pumpkin Tarts- Sweet and Savory

Price $18

Also pairs well with apples, aged cheeses, chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, pears

  • Category Dessert Wine
  • Varietal Blend
  • Region South Australia