TomatoMania- Food Starts Here

hands with soil food starts hereSo it was bound to happen.

The Obamas are hooked on Sup too. I think either Michelle or our new President must have been following our TomatoMania posts. I mean there is no other explanation.

Because Barack Obama and his kids are starting a vegetable garden in the yard of the White House. Could there be a better metaphor for the Hope that this President brings to this country?

George Bush Senior once quipped that one of the great perks of office was never having to eat Brussels sprouts again. 

The Obamas are going to grow their own! 

They are partly doing it as an educational tool. They hope to talk about food choices and a healthy diet. I support that agenda.

But I see the bigger, bolder picture here. America is starting from the ground up. We are putting down new roots. We are going to grow this country once again in a way that is inspiring and exciting. It makes me proud to be an American.

Because we can do it! Yes we can!


Greg Henry