The Table Set Podcast Passes The Tiki Torch

Before summer slips away, why don’t you slip into that vintage Hawaiian shirt you look so good in and Hula over in my direction? Because The Table Set podcast has a tribute to all things Tiki this week. I hope you’ll listen. I hope you’ll subscribe. I know you’ll have a good time.

Join us as Andy, Nathan and I get tropically topical. We’ve got recipe ideas, party tips, and of course a few freaky drinks; from to Mai Tais to Zombies– as well as a “mock Polynesian” tidbit known as Rumaki. There’s even a trio of authentic Hawaiian Poke. We know the story behind Don The Beachcomber and we are spilling the details. Don’t tell Trader Vic.

No matter where you live I predict the Tiki fantasy is alive and well. In fact some would say (me included) it’s enjoying a renaissance. I bet there there’s a Tiki bar near you. New or old. The concept still shines. So don’t let geography be your party pooper. They Tiki in the desert too. You won’t want to miss Nathan’s Tiki romps to Arizona. Who needs a beach to Tiki? In fact, The Table Set Tikis down in the basement this week, and there’s a video to prove it! So turn on, tune in and listen up because every one of those purple words is an invitation to the party. CLICK one and see.