Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Now Let’s Party

Wow, let’s party. That’s all I can think to say.

My hands and knees are shaking as I write this. Sippity Sup has moved on to round nine of the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog competition. It’s time for me to thank you for that exciting news. But I am at a loss. I honestly prepared nothing just in case the slightly bitter plate of disappointment was on the menu. I was prepared and just fine with that possibility. After all, bitter is just one delicious taste in a sweet life well lived.

Because I’ll be honest, this is the week that I predicted would be my downfall! There are better bakers in this competition than me. There are better bakers no longer in this competition than me. But blogging is a complex ‘sport’. Cooking well is just one ingredient in success. The most important ingredient is staying true to your voice, as well as the ‘how and why’ of blogging.

With that in mind, I decided from the very beginning to avoid doing the Monday morning ‘vote for me’ posts. Though the good folks at FoodBuzz ‘highly recommend’ that we used Mondays to encourage voting. I knew it was a risky strategy to forego those posts and I do understand why they are important. But it’s not the style of competition I wear well or that particularly suits me. In the cedar chest of life Sup! is more of a comfortable cardigan than designer v‑neck!

So, instead of sweetly intended chocolate treats or the red meat of serious competition that I usually bring to my Friday thank you posts. I decided to show my gratitude this week with a party!

I am serious this is no metaphorical shindig. This is a real; honest to goodness party and you are invited.

If you are in the Los Angeles area on December 12, come to my house. Bring some bubbly or some sweet or savory treat to share. We’ll be decorating the tree, so bring a food-themed ornament too if you like. It’s that kind of party. I want friends and strangers– virtual or ‘reality-based’ to join together and pitch in to make a memorable evening. It’s the holidays and we all have our personal reasons to celebrate. But I want to you to know that one of the things I’ll be remembering this holiday season is just how much joy this online foodie community brings to me.

RSVP by sending me an email via the contact Greg tab at the top. I hope to see you there!