St. Supéry Sauvignon Blanc

St. Supéry Sauvignon Blanc

This yellow-gold Napa Valley wine has loads of lemon and grapefruit on the nose with traces of vanilla. These crisp and clean citrus flavors carry over to the palate, yet there is a lushness similar to that of a Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume. Sauvignon Blanc is very fish-friendly, and especially appropriate for delicate preparations such as Greg’s steamed halibut, and the varietal has an affinity for vegetables like carrots and spinach. Finally, this wine has a nice tangy-green quality that I think pairs well with onions.

Sauvignon Blanc is an ideal wine for many salads and vegetable dishes. I also recommend it with Greg’s Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Citrus Vinaigrette. The wine’s minerality works well with the earthiness of raw Brussels sprouts, while its inherent tartness can handle the acidity in the salad’s vinaigrette. In addition, acidic foods serve to amplify the fruit characteristics in acidic wines.
Typically, California sauvignon blancs are made in one of two major styles: Bordeaux style or Loire Style. Bordeaux-style sauvignon blancs are modeled after the earthy, apple and sweet citrus flavored wines of Pessac-Leognan, which often include amounts of semillon to add body. Many of these wines will see some barrel fermentation for added complexity. The other type emulate Pouilly-Fume and Sancerre from France’s Loire Valley. Usually made from 100% sauvignon blanc with no oak aging, they tend to be crisp, with grapefruit, gooseberry, and grassy flavors.

Pairs With Sup! Loves Cookbooks: Seasons in the Wine Country

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Also pairs well with asparagus, chicken, fish, garlic, herbs, oysters, salads, and vegetables of any type.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Sauvignon Blanc
  • Region Napa Valley CA