Smuttynose Robust Porter

Smuttynose PorterBEERSmuttynose Robust Porter

FOOD: Black Bean Chili with Chipotle Braised Pulled Pork

Very dark brown in color with a small but clingy light tan head. The malty nose is of roasted things: nuts, coffee, and orange peel; with a light floral component. The flavors of roasted malts, chocolate and coffee finish with an obvious smokiness which emulates the slow-cooked pork and smoky chipotle flavors in Greg’s robust chili. The porter’s slight sweetness serves to cool the sneaky heat in the chili, and the not-too-heavy body refreshes your palate while quenching your thirst.

Porter is a type of ale, similar to stout, which is brewed with dark malts and known for its dark color, bitterness, complexity, and fairly high alcohol content. Whether by “hopping” the brew, adding additional elements such as chocolate and coffee, using smoked malts and/or barrel aging, many American porters are typically more complex than the old-world styles. Porters have many food pairing possibilities. I like them with robust foods, particularly braises, stews, and smoked meats.

Grant Henry

PRICE: about $9.00 six pack 12 oz. bottles

Also pairs well with: Barbeque, braises, cheese, chocolate, Mexican food, sausage, smoked meat, stews, spicy food.

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