My Cookbook: Who, What, Where & PIe

I may have already mentioned that I’m writing a cookbook. I probably already let that slip.

So I thought I could let you in on a few more details. Just shut your pie hole and listen up (insert smiley face here). My book is about a subject near and dear to me. Pies.

But why should you wait until dessert to eat pie? Pies are comforting combinations of just about anything you can imagine. Cheese. Meat. Nuts. Even seafood. They all benefit when wrapped, tucked, or baked inside a delectable crust. Sometimes flaky, sometimes chewy. Crunchy. Crisp. Buttery. So no– not cherry pie, or apple. No chocolate tarts. No sugary nothin’.

What a great idea for a book, right? And guess what? I looked high and low all over Amazon and my local book store too. There are no books dedicated solely to the Savory Pie. How is that possible?

Well this gaping hole in the market will soon be filled with pie. Plenty of Savory Pie from Sippity Sup!

Because a Savory Pie is the culinary equivalent of a well-loved blanket. The Savory Pie is warm, satisfying, and marvelously easy to snuggle into, which is why most cuisines around the world have some kind of Savory Pie. Tarts, galettes, quiches, and even cute little hand-pies are some of the 75 creative and comforting savory pies that will make an appearance in this book. The thing that binds them together is the fact that not one of these warm-from-the-oven beauties is for dessert.

So to help you get ready for pie, I took this photo and put together a mock cover to set the stage. And beyond that, there will soon be a new tab in my nav bar where you can keep up with the progress of this book. That way, when the real cover comes out you can get a first peek. There will also be a way for many of you to be featured in this book. But all the details will be revealed at a later date, because I have to get rolling. Rolling pastry I mean… GREG

Ha! Made ya look… GREG