Mogli: Slum Dog Millionaire

Mogli the Dog

Mogli, our little pound dog terrier mutt has passed away and his passing tugs at my heart. I swore I wasn’t going to do this post. But in the end I just couldn’t let him go without a fond farewell.

He was a dog of quite a few long years– though we’ll never know just how many. He came to us in the most convoluted of ways, because nobody else wanted him. On his very last “bureaucratically sanctioned” day at a high kill shelter, he got lucky. It’s kind of a miracle. At first glance he wasn’t the kind of dog people fell in love with.

He also wasn’t born a lucky dog. We’ll never know how he ended up in that shelter. But somehow (in the end) a close friend of ours saw him there. She had the ability to look past his snarl and see the fear. She brought him to us. We agreed to take him in “temporarily”. In the end (of course) we made our home his home for the last 5 and a half years of his life.

We’ll never know what happened to him before he found his way here. He had secrets, and he held them close. He was riddled with BBs. Someone had shot BB pellets into him. I know he never really forgot what that was like (who could?). There was a part of him that had trouble trusting. But he was a good boy and a very smart dog. A close friend summed him up best in a condolence email when he said Mogli was “such a likeable, gritty little guy”.

Yes. Grit should have been his middle name, because he wore his grit well and I loved him for it.

I’d like to honor his memory with these two videos. They were shot for this blog soon after he came into our life. He plays a rather large part in the first “picnic” video. I think it shows his spunk very well, but you really have to look out for him in the second “kimchi” video. He’s the gritty little black dog getting underfoot on a really brown floor.

I’m certainly going to miss having him underfoot.

Good-bye, little Mogli. XOGREGandKEN