Lazy Greg Has A Savory Pies Teaser For You

Pies Teaser! You know Grumpy Greg, right? He shows his grumpy face here every now and again. Well, he’s got an even uglier cousin named Lazy Greg. I rarely invite Lazy Greg to anything I do on this blog. Because he and I have different standards of excellence. But lately he has been showing up here uninvited.

That’s ‘cuz Regular Ole Greg (me!) is super busy writing, cooking, food styling and photographing a Savory Pie cookbook. There is no team. There is no staff. There is only Regular Ole Greg (me!). Which means Lazy Greg has had a free reign on this blog for well over over a week now. Lazy Greg brought you a post that was really nothing more than a love letter to Los Angeles. Even the video on that post was purloined. Borrowing spectacular content is the ultimate in lazy blogging.

Before that there was a Chocolate Cake. Sure it was beautiful, but it was from a box. I know. I know. Lazy with a capital Z!

And while we are on the subject of chocolate did you notice that there were two other posts devoted to chocolate right before that lazy chocolate cake? Those were designed more to attract traffic than push myself culinarily. That was from Slutty Greg. He’ll do anything for a little love.

But today is the last day that Lazy Greg will show his face around here. He made a collage and I have agreed to let him show it. Really it’s a teaser about the upcoming book. A few pics to whet your appetite. I can’t even tell you what they are, except they are Savory Pies. Duh… GREG

Pies Teaser!