Kitchen Tools Alert- Wasserstrom Terrine Mold

wasserstrom terrine moldMonday’s are good days for announcements. So today’s announcement is about a website I like called Wasserstrom.

It’s funny when I post something here I can never really say what the reaction will be. Last week I posted a recipe for a “meatloaf” the French would call a terrine. It was an entry into Mindy and Chef E’s Monday Mouthful Challenge. People really seemed to like the recipe. That’s nice.

But the reaction I was not counting on was people’s head over heels zeal for my terrine mold. Here we are a week later and I am still getting emails about it. I am not just getting emails from “Friends Of SippitySup” and the other regular commentators. But I am getting emails from people I have never heard of before.

There seems to be one question on everyone’s mind. “Where did I get my terrine mold?”

Well you can all stop jamming up my inbox because I am going to make a quick announcement so we can all move on.

I wish I could say I got it in Paris, or that it was an heirloom from Julia Child’s own kitchen… but in truth I am stuck behind this keyboard for more hours than I like to admit. So, guess what I got it online!

That’s right. I got it at Wasserstom. They have a phrase at Wasserstrom “We carry every culinary essential you could need…to make your kitchen sizzle”. Yet, despite this proclamation… I shop there anyway!

They have great categories of professional cookware. There is no need to (always) pay Sur La Table prices. Especially on work-horses like this terrine mold.

I also get open stock on Buffalo China there. You never know when you need to add to your collection of good quality bistro-style tableware!

Ha, made ya look! Now quit bugging me and get your own terrine mold. GREG