Jump into our Pool Party- The Table Set Video

Maybe you were having root canal surgery, maybe you live on a deserted island, or maybe you’re just crazy. But in case you missed it The Table Set had a Pool Party and you were invited.

But if you were busy advising President Obama about the gridlock crisis in Washington and just could not get away, I have good news. There’s a video. Of course, there is. And you can watch right here right now.

The Table Set is a podcast produced by the Home Fries Podcast Network and is available for download on iTunes. I co-host with Andy (@windattack) and Nathan (The Chocolate of Meats). We talk about parties. Your parties, our parties– parties we’ve been to. Parties we’d like to throw. Parties you want. Parties you need.

But to prove we’re as much business as we are bluster, we figured we better throw an actual party. We decided on a Pool Party because it was the subject of our first episode and well, it’s summer. An après-ski event just seemed wrong! See– more proof we know what we’re talking about.

Whether it’s a pool party in your kitchen (who says you need to have a pool?) or something a bit more chic it’s our job to get you over the stress and into the swing of things. Because ultimately entertaining is just another way to express yourself. So loosen up with us. Listen and enjoy. This party is just getting started. So CLICK here to listen and enjoy the latest episode. GREG

Jello moldI made a Jell‑O Mold for the party. It’s not fancy. It’s not difficult. It’s just a bit time-consuming. I wasn’t even planning on posting the recipe. But due to popular demand, I decided to reveal my secrets here. Children will squeal, adults will gasp, but really… it’s just Jell‑o, don’t expect any trade secrets! CLICK here for a printable recipe.

(photo by Worth The Whisk) 

pisco punchWhat’s a party without punch? Nathan packs a potent punch with this Pineapple Pisco Punch. Big hunks of fresh pineapple are soaked in Pisco (white brandy made in Peru from muscat grapes) then artfully mixed with lime and grapefruit syrup. Just don’t get in the pool unsupervised! CLICK here for a printable recipe.

(photo by The Chocolate of Meats)

ice cream sanwiches on displayAndy likes ice cream. Andy likes cookies. Put them together and you have something quite special. His ice cream sandwiches are creative combinations with luscious ingredients. He made 3 varieties for the pool party. My favorite was stuffed full of vanilla ice cream with the subtle tingle of cinnamon. CLICK here for a printable recipe.

(photo by The Chocolate of Meats)