Join @TheTableSet for a #FBZfest #TikiBuzz Party in San Francisco (really!)

The Table Set podcast is packing its bags and heading to San Francisco for the annual Food Buzz Festival. Three days of schmoozing, boozing and of course stuffing our faces with all the best that the city has to offer.

But wait– there’s more. Much more. We are planning to meet as many of you as possible. So we have arranged a little meetup at the legendary Tiki haunt The Tonga Room inside the Fairmont Hotel. The first 10 folks to walk through the door will get a Zombie on us. So don’t be late.

But don’t worry if you are not going to the festival or if you have no idea what the heck either Food Buzz or The Table Set is. All you need to know is, its a party and if you are in San Francisco– you are invited. Because parties are what we do. Listen to our Tiki episode on Home Fries Podcast Network and get a sneak peek at what kind of Tiki fiends we really are.

So make the jump and view the invitation. Even if you won’t be in San Francisco this weekend, you’ll want to download this thing for your dartboard– or I mean bulletin board!  

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The Table Set Tiki party at the Tonga Room