I Heart Food Buzz- The Blog Awards Nominees

It’s time for another shameless plea.

Blog Awards

The Food Buzz Nominations are out and I am nominated in two categories. Best General Cooking Blog and Best Writing Voice. Of course I am honored, but shameless pleas have not worked out so well for me in the past. So I thought I might do something else…

Instead of cajoling, conspiring or just plain begging. I thought I take a minute to thank Food Buzz. They have done a lot for the food blogging community. A whole damn lot. In fact I would say they may be one of the primary reasons we are a community.

Though it’s no secret I have been a bit uncomfortable with the changes I have seen around Food Buzz. There is no denying they are an important force among us virtual eaters. Because when I gripe– I appreciate. When I gasp– I cherish. And even when I bitch– I love.

So let me encourage you to participate. Go Vote. Not only will the talented nominees appreciate your support, but it’s also a way to acknowledge Food Buzz and all the hard work they do to help us connect, convey and yes compete!

Because no matter what happens. I do indeed “heart” Food Buzz. Now make the jump and go vote your heart. GREG

Blog Awards

Food Buzz Nominations 2011

Blog Awards