Home Fries- My New Home

Home Fries are crisp pan-fried potatoes. Home Fries are a simple and familiar bit of comfort. Home Fries make people smile because they feel like home. They make the whole house smell good too. (CLICK here for my Home Fries recipe)

Well I have a new home and new family I’d like to tell you about. It’s an online family and we are called Home Fries.

Our mom is Joy the Baker and our dad is Michael Friedman an Emmy Award winning writer and producer. I’ve got a slew of girl cousins Tsh (Simple Mom), Tracy (Shutterbean), Whitney (Brunellos Have More Fun) and Christina (Wine with Christina).

But I am mostly here to tell you what me and my Home Fries little brothers are up to. Andy (@windattack), Nathan (The Chocolate of Meats) and I get together and dish out entertaining tidbits about entertaining! We don’t mind if you eavesdrop either– because this family is a family of podcasts.

Our podcast is called The Table Set. We talk about parties. Your parties, our parties– parties we’ve been to. Parties we’d like to throw. Parties you want. Parties you need. Whether it’s a pool party in the kitchen or something a bit more chic. It’s our job to get you over the stress and into the swing of things. Because ultimately entertaining is just another way to express yourself. So loosen up with us. Listen and enjoy. Because this party is just getting started.

The Table Set PodcastAs with any good party, the success of Home Fries and The Table Set requires some planning. So I am going to ask you to do a few things. Things that will get this launch off to a smashing start.

First go to Home Fries. Listen to The Table Set. And while you’re there explore the other podcasts. I know you’ll find something you’ll like.

Once you are hooked CLICK through to iTunes and subscribe! While you are there gives us a rating. Five stars would make me smile!

Next. Help us get the word out. Follow HomeFries and The Table Set on Twitter. Like us on FaceBook. Interact with us. Let us know what you’d like to hear from us. You know we’ll be listening– because you are part of our Home Fries family too!

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