Hilliard Bruce Moon 2012

Hilliard Bruce Moon 2012

In the final lines of Now Voyager, Bette Davis says, “Don’t let’s ask for the moon, we have the stars.” (Romantics, reach for a tissue.)

I had heard tell about the Moon – an enigmatic wine from Hilliard Bruce, comprising of their most exquisite five barrels of Pinot Noir, with standards so exacting, some vintages don’t make it. I was over the moon, when a 2012 bottle of Hilliard Bruce Moon was included in my wine club shipment. The precious was mine, burning a hole in my wine cellar, demanding to be experienced. Who better to seduce into the decadence than Ken? Who better to come up with a worthy food pairing than Greg?

Hilliard Bruce Moon

The visual decanter displays a mesmerizing ruby sparkle. The nose is an intoxicating enchanted forest of bramble fruits (no thorns!), cassis, candied cherry, with a waft of spice. The wine itself surprises and delights the senses. It feels huge, fruit forward, rich and luscious in scope, but it is also light and silky with perfectly present and balanced acidity. It is like drinking a super ripe organic raspberry that has been dipped in anise flavored artisan dark chocolate… whilst you are in a woodland clearing, watching fairies dancing by the light of a full moon.

Greg’s Butternut Squash Hand Pies are an incredible accompaniment to the dazzling Hilliard Bruce Moon 2012, combining rich flavors to stand up to the strong spine of the Moon, and yet delicate enough not to compete with the wine for the spotlight. Specifically, the earthy character of the wine complements the savory squash while the Moon shows sufficient mineral to balance the sweetness. Plus, the good dose of acidity provides a foil for the butter in the pastry.

Yes, stars are astounding, but with Valentine’s Day coming up, I can assure you that asking for this Moon is the most romantic thing you can do. HELEN

Price $80

Also pairs well with lamb, lentil soup, all root vegetables, mushroom risotto, most vegan dishes, spicy dark chocolate truffles, or all on its own.

  • Category Red Wine
  • Varietal Pinot Noir
  • Region Santa Rita Hills CA
Hilliard Bruce Moon 2012