Eat Smart Scale Give-Away Winner from Sup! & #OpenSky

The time has come. We have a winner and I know who it is!

That’s right somebody out there just won this EatSmart Precision Pro Scale. It was an easy contest too. All you needed to do was follow me on Twitter and I put you in the drawing. I also have some more news. Since (sadly) not everyone can win this scale. I have decided to give you 10% off this scale if you get one from my OpenSky Shop. Just use the coupon code sippity10 at check out. I really hope you decide to get a scale too because I want you to become a better baker along with me. Starting tomorrow I am going to start posting semi-regular posts about baking. All the measurements for these posts are going to be in weight. Because better bakers use weight. They really do, and now when we bake – so will we! So If you don’t have a scale, get one and use the coupon code sippity10.

So on to the results. Now I could just blurt it out right here couldn’t I? But how much fun would that be? Instead, I videotaped the drawing, live and all-in-one-take. Now I am going to make you watch the video to find out who won…HA! Imagine what this ingenious plot will do for my page view numbers…

So CLICK here to watch EatSmart Contest Results. Oh, and sometimes poor, sad Windows users have trouble accessing video on SippitySup if that’s you click on this link or go to the Video Archive tab at the very bottom this page. The top video should be EatSmart Contest Results. If you still have trouble go to my YouTube page via this link, or straight to the YouTube file via this link.

If you STILL can’t view it, well leave me a message or a comment and I’ll email you the results!

And if that lucky winner is (or is not) you, please do not let on in the comments section. Let’s keep the tension alive as long as possible.

Get yourself a scale and become a better baker with me! Coupon Code sippity10. GREG


Greg Henry