Coronica Malvazija Istarska

Coronica Malvazija Istarska


Pale gold in color, with somewhat weak aromas of lemons, under-ripe apricots, and a hint of sauvignon blanc-like grassiness. There is a pronounced mineral flavor, that leaves a lingering impression on the palate. In addition, flavors of white peach, lemons, herbs and acacia are presented with a mouth-filling intensity I didn’t expect. Made in the Istria region on Croatia’s northern coast, I like this wine paired with Greg’s Croatian-inspired Turkish mussels. In addition, a pleasantly bitter edge and strangely salty mouthfeel ensure compatibility with shellfish.

Croatia has a long wine-making history, pre-dating the rise of the Roman Empire. Today, Croatian wine making has two main regions: Kontinentalna (inland), and Primorska (coastal). The inland region produces most of the country’s white wines, while the maritime influence and rocky soil of the coastal region is better suited to red wine. While the area does produce wine made from both French and Italian varietals, I find the wines made from native grapes to be more interesting. Best known is a red wine grape called Plavic mali which translates to “little blueberry.” These grapes produce a full-bodied, robust wine, characterized by high alcohol, pronounced tannins and low acidity. GRANT

Pairs With FoodBuzz Challenge #2: Turkish Mussels-Taking it to the Streets

Price $20

Also pairs well with fish, herbs, pasta, pesto, salad, vegetables.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Malvazija
  • Region Istria Croatia