CampBlogaway What Food Blogging is All About!

I just got back from camp. Guess what? I found out I like camp! I wonder why I refused to attend as a child… if you want to see why I had such a great time CLICK here or on the screen grab after the jump you can watch my video of the Camp Blogaway weekend.

Of course, it’s probable that I liked this particular camp so much because it was food blogger camp. So in a lot if ways I was in my element. But still, I am not what I’d call a joiner by nature. I don’t go on tour group vacations. I don’t take classes and I don’t read self-help books. I don’t like spectator sports and I won’t hold your place in line if I’ve never met you before. I am fiercly loyal to those I love (and I have heard) I am hard to get to know. Some people think this makes me a curmudgeon (or worse yet a snob!). But really I am just kinda shy. If it’s possible to be an extroverted introvert, that is exactly what I am.

But this was a celebration of community. The foodblogging community. Which is a community that has become important to me. So I broke out of my shell a bit. So much of what we do as bloggers is solitary. I gotta say I enjoyed coming out from behind the keyboard and getting in touch with my inner joiner. I am glad I did too because this weekend was more than just a chance to meet my fellow bloggers. There were serious learning opportunities too.

Heck Sup! even took a stab at cake decorating. Not something I ever thought I’d take part of. Here is a sample of my handiwork. I broke a few of the standard rules in my design as you can see. Thanks to La Fuji Mama for the great photo. It may be the only example of colored frosting you will ever see at Sippity Sup!

Sippity Sup at campblogawayLike I said there were plenty of serious topics covered at CampBlogaway. The presentations on Recipe Writing, PhotoShop and SEO were particularly useful to me. But I am going to leave the details of all of those moments to the other campers. Most of them are better at explaining the technical stuff than I will ever be. Instead I am going to present the kind of material I am good at, and that’s the silly video moments!

So I hope you will take a minute and watch the video I put together of my weekend in the woods. CLICK here or on the screen grab to the left. My thanks to the other campers who provided images for this video. In fact here are links to the whole darn group! Please toddle over there and tell them Sippity Sup! sent ya! GREG

Untitled from Greg Henry on Vimeo.