CampBlogaway- The Movie

I just got back from camp. Guess what? I found out I like camp! I wonder why I refused to attend as a child. In fact, this is my second year attending, and this year I was on a panel discussion about all the pressures of blogging. I shared the stage and opinions with Savoring The Thyme (Jennifer Leal)  and Recipe Girl (Lori Lange). I also had the supreme honor of playing Johnny Carson to Sarah Gim of TasteSpotting’s Celebrity Guest. It was fun and (and I hope) informative interview. But then thinking about it later it seems to me that these duties sorta put me in the position of a Camp Counselor. Me? A Camp Counselor? I mean what’s geekier than being a Camp Counselor? I mean other than being a Food Blogger!

You see, I am not what I’d call a joiner by nature. I don’t go on tour group vacations. I don’t take classes and I don’t read self-help books. I don’t like spectator sports and I won’t hold your place in line if I’ve never met you before. I am fiercely loyal to those I love (and I have heard) I am hard to get to know. Some people think this makes me a curmudgeon (or worse yet a snob!). But really I am just kinda shy. If it’s possible to be an extroverted introvert, that is exactly what I am.

But this was a celebration of community. The food blogging community. Which is a community that has become very important to me? So I broke out of my shell a bit. Because so much of what we do as bloggers is solitary, and I gotta say I enjoyed coming out from behind the keyboard and getting in touch with my inner joiner.

Like any good joiner, I want you to meet the rest of my clan. So here are links to the whole darn group! Please toddle over there and tell them Sippity Sup! sent ya! GREG