Basil Bites Back

Basil Worthington III. You think he was a bastard in my video Hollywood Noir Year? Well, you will absolutely hate him tonight on CSI Miami.

That’s right one of my co-stars in an authentic SippitySup production is going Prime-Time.

Basil is actually my good friend Peter Lavin. An all-around good guy and a terrific actor. He’s done tons of television and even more movies. In fact, he played a villain (…hmmm) in Mr. and Mrs. Smith so dastardly he had to be killed by Brad Pitt himself!

Can you imagine looking Brad Pitt square in the eyes while he has a gun trained on you. That must be surreal. I need to ask him about that!

But tune in and watch. Just don’t slouch on your duties here at SippitySup. I still require 4 hours viewing time out of you each day to keep my numbers up. After all, it is sweeps week. Just ask Peter! GREG