Another @OpenSky Promotion: Prepara ‘Power Scoop’ Ice Cream Scoop

DING! DING! DING! There’s the bell. That means my OpenSky shop has another opportunity for you. You ate up every bit of the last one so, I thought you deserved seconds. I hope you saved some room because I like this deal even better.

20 lucky people will be able to purchase a (nearly) $15.00 Prepara ‘Power Scoop’  ice cream scoop for the amazing price of $1.99. But don’t worry, there is more. Many other people will get 15% off codes for any Prepara product from any of the other great OpenSky Shops.

This special deal is only good for me and my readers, so don’t say I am not looking out for you. ‘Cuz that’s all I do… I work hard to bring you these great opportunities, and all you need to do to take advantage of my sweat and toil is go to the special SippitySup Promotion Page at OpenSky. CLICK here to be taken straight there. All the details you need are on that page.

prepara power scoopBut I am sure you’d like to know why I chose this product for this very special promotion. After all– $1.99 is $1.99! You may need a little proof in this here puddin’… Well, if an ice cream scoop can be sexy– this one’s smokin’ hot! Its sleek curvy shape snuggles into the palm of your hand, feeling like it just belongs. Though its head-turning good looks may be the reason you want to bring this baby home, its performance will keep the relationship interesting. Good-bye diet; hello ¤agen-Dazs! Because it is perfectly balanced and always ready to go. It has a specially engineered ‘Power Tip’ that slices easily through the hardest ice cream. It reaches into the tight corners of even the smallest ice cream containers, so you can get to every last ounce. Perfectly weighted and shaped to make scooping even the richest ice cream easy.

Still not sold? Well, rest assured I chose this product for this promotion because I use it in my own kitchen. I honestly do. CLICK here to see the video. It’s set right in my own kitchen as you’ll  see… And no, I didn’t paint my kitchen black and white just for this video. It’s a video effect. It was a creative decision. It helped support my thesis… oh, just watch the video. That’s why I made it. I hope you don’t think these videos just fall out of me onto the floor in front of you. I put blood, sweat, and tears into these things. And I do it so you get an ice cream scoop for $1.99. I am either insane or obsessed. You decide by watching the video!


Greg Henry