2011 Charly Thevénet Régnié Grain & Granit, Beaujolais

Charly Thevénet Régnié Grain & Granit, Beaujolais

Charly Thevénet Régnié Grain & Granit

One of my classmates in the UCLA Extension Wine Certificate program would always turn his nose up (yes, that’s a pun) at Beaujolais. He thought the varietal was one-note, mass produced and somehow beneath him. Well, Michael, I’ve got news for you.

Small production, micro terroir, old vine, biodynamically grown Gamay grapes can sing a very complex and harmonious tune. Charly Thevenet, the Millenial (in his 20’s) son of well-known producer Jean Paul Thevenet is getting a lot of well-deserved positive press for his “Grain et Granit” from the Régnié region of Eastern France.

The wine upends expectations from the first glance: deep ruby, nearly purple and practically opaque, liquid languidly drips down your glass after a swirl. The wine smells of earth, spice and dark fruit with a hint of heat. The intensity and complexity on the nose inform you that this is no quick quaff Beaujolais Nouveau. Your first taste delivers deep red fruit flavors, cherry and pomegranate, with a crisp acidity and very smooth silky tannins. It took a few moments (and possibly some aeration) for me to even notice the tannic tingle. The finish is pleasingly prolonged, tangy and sweet. All in all the Régnié Grain & Granit is unlike any Gamay I’ve experienced, I feel that the wine has more in common with a young Burgundy or a baby Priorat. KEN

Charly Thevénet Régnié Grain & Granit, Beaujolais

Pairs With Croque Monsieur: Fireside or Poolside

Price $26

Also pairs well with duck confit, cassoulet, croque monsieur, cheese fondue

  • Category Red Wine
  • Varietal Gamay
  • Region Beaujolais France