Yealands Estate Single Vineyard Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc

This juicy and ripe Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand is a great match for Greg’s grilled shrimp with edamame puree. Fuller and richer than many from Marlborough, this Sauvignon Blanc’s creamy texture and sufficient weight complements the succulence of the shrimp, and the ripe tropical fruits bring just a enough “sweetness” to offset the dish’s slight spiciness. A crisp acidity and stony minerality cut through the mouth-coating edamame puree, while beautifully balancing out the wine.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs out there in the world! The best examples are deliciously bold and zesty, with intense citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Many however, are thin, flabby and potentially disappointing. So maybe a number of producers choose to focus more on quantity rather than quality … who can blame them? All it means is that we have to work a little harder to find the good ones-and there are plenty of really, really good ones! GRANT



Pairs With Very, Very Green Edamame and Shrimp Salad

Price $18

Also pairs well with asparagus, cheese, fish, herbs, oysters, salad, seafood, shellfish, and vegetables.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Sauvignon Blanc
  • Region Marlborough New Zealand