The Willows Inn Menu: Summer 2014

Cocktail Menu: The asterisks indicate the cocktails we ordered

*The Spotted Owl: Gin | Douglas Fir | Wild Nettles | Egg White

*The Chinook: Bourbon | Sage | Dubonnet

The Patos: Rum | Rosemary | Rhubarb

*The Woodruff Martini: Vodka | Woodruff | Citrus

The Matia: Gin | Sweet Peas | Lillet

*Hales Passge: Rum | Beet | Ginger

Food Menu: No asterisks here. We had it all! All 22 courses of snacks, dinner and dessert.

Local Oysters: Two types from nearby waters. Served in a box of frozen rocks!

Bites from the Farm: A small plate of fresh veggies and cured meat produced right on the property.

Smoked Mussel: Served in an individual smoking box, which you open to a waft of actual smoke rising from inside.

Garden Blossoms Dipped in Nasturtium Vinaigrette: Squash blossoms, day lillies and other beauties.

Crispy Crepe with Steelhead Roe: My partner Ken said this one gave him goosebumps it was so good.

Baked til Crisp Halibut Skin Cones Wrapped around Littleneck Clam: Look at the photo on the main post page, it’s hard to describe this work of art. 

Baked Kale with Black Truffles and Rye: The kale was baked in a stair step shape. Each step held a little truffle surprise.

Shiitake Mushroom Roasted Over a Wood Fire: The most simple of all the dishes, proving that excellent product needs very little to shine.

Handmade Bread from Local Grains served with Local Butter and Chicken Fat Pan Drippings: OMG!

Bumbleberries (a type of wild strawberry foraged on the island) in a broth of Local Grasses: This artful sweet and savory soup was topped with wild flowers.

Fresh Weathervane Scallop with Horseradish and Dill Oil 

Roasted Cauliflower in Dungeness Crab Jus

Roasted Cabbage with Herring Roe: This was unexpectedly my favorite course of the meal..

The “Skirt” of the Razor Clam: The skirt is the muscle that hold the clam to the shell.

Spot Prawn Poached in it’s own Roe: No, no, no, wait. My other personal favorite of the evening– sweet and salty.

A Duo of Smoked Fished Fishes- Sockeye Salmon sand Black Cod: Smoked in the smokehouse just outside the restaurant. Unlike most of the smoked fish I’ve had these were smoked quickly. Giving them a succulent texture.

Lummi Island Ling Cod: This was steamed and served with locally harvested lovage and parsley.

Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks: These were cooked in parchment until the meat feel from the bone.

Salmonberries with Wild Rose Granita: They called it “pre-dessert” but it was more like a palate cleanser.

Hazelnuts and Chestnuts: The ying and yang of chestnut paste and hazelnut ice cream.

Local Flax Seeds: Highly addicting little candies

Flax Seeds Bites: Candy like cubes to o finish off the meal with French press coffee.