Willamette Valley Riesling Willamette Valley


Bright straw-colored with pleasant tropical aromas, as well as peach, white flowers, and just a touch of petrol. On the palate, the peach, pear and anise flavors are mostly soft, with a hint of sweetness.  I like the creamy mouthfeel as a foil to the cold crispness of the cucumber in Greg’s soup, and the wine’s mild herbal component picks up on the soup’s mintiness.  While there is sufficient acidity to balance the wine, it’s off-dry finish pairs well with the sweetness of succulent shrimp, and serves to keep the spiciness of serrano peppers in check.
Ranging from the driest of dry wines to the unctuously sweet, Riesling, due to its intrinsic acidity, is arguably the most versatile wine for food.  Depending on the level of sweetness, Riesling is ideally suited to a wide array of foods, ranging from fish, shellfish and poultry, to white meat, rich fowl and charcuterie.  I love a bone-dry Riesling with raw oysters, and a slightly off-dry Riesling is perfect with sushi, Thai food, curries, and anything with a little spice. For fruit-based desserts like tarts and custards, dessert-style Rieslings are a no-brainer.  If i had to drink one white wine varietal for the rest of my life, it would be Riesling.  GRANT


Pairs With Hot Days Call for Cold Soup- Spicy Cucumber Soup with Poached Shrimp & Riesling too

Price $12

Also pairs well with Asian food, cheese, curries, desserts, duck, fish, foie gras, fruit, ham, pork, poultry, salad, salty foods, shellfish, spicy food, vegetables.

  • Category White Wine
  • Varietal Reisling
  • Region Willamette Valley OR