Tres Elegante! Mini Lamb Burgers with Global Flair

lamb burgers with mago salsaAre burgers really worth a whole week of SippitySup’s time?

I mean, I know you love a good burger. They really are an iconic food. Which was my thesis when I announced a week devoted to burgers. If you missed my nostalgic tribute to the American style hamburger click here.

In the original post I made the argument that the sight of a burger sizzling on the grill was so very emblematic of the good old USA.

But in truth a classic American burger is nothing more than a seasoned meat patty. And seasoned meat patties appear in some form or another in the diet of nearly all the world’s cultures.

Even the idea of cooking the meat outdoors is a “borrowed” method. There is some evidence that what has morphed into the “Back Yard Bar-B-Que” got its start a very long tome ago in Mongolia.

And on an international level, the choice of meat may vary. So might the seasonings. But the simple process of grinding, mixing, compressing and searing the juicy flavor into certain meats, herbs and spices has become universally beloved.

bread discsBut does worldwide love of a certain food really make it worthy of a whole weeks worth of recipes? 

I’d argue, yes. A burger really does deserve this kind of attention because it is so universal and yet so personal. It is diverse enough, and flexible enough to be prepared in countless ways, with countless combinations of ingredients; and still be immediately recognized as a “burger”.

Besides, its multi-culti background also makes this cook think about all the different meldings of flavors I could bring to this classic preparation.

The possibilities of flavor combinations are stupendous. There is even room to play with the presentation. Who says I have to serve it on a bun? Are tomatoes mandatory? Why can’t a burger be elegant?

So today I am going to stretch the limits of your association between the rustic burger and casual outdoor get-togethers with paper plates.

I am going to serve an open-faced lamb slider as an appetizer. At a very indoor cocktail party in this recipe for Mini Lamb Burgers with Mango Salsa.

mini lamb sliders or burgersI am going to spice the lamb with an old-world pairing of musky cumin and citrusy coriander. I am going to throw you a curveball of sweet tropical heat in the form of mango salsa. 

Little discs cut from slices of French brioche or English muffin loaf bread will add yet another geographical twist. 

So when the server passes by at one of Sups! elegant affairs with a tray of these bite-size delights. You will find that they float daintily between your thumb and forefinger. As long as you remember to extend you’re pinky for perfect balance and (dare I say it?) a tiny bit of elegance.

And all of this out of a “humble” burger. Who knew?


Greg Henry