TomatoMania- Roasted Yellow Tomato Soup

roasted tomato soupSo I was in Palm Spring this past weekend getting ready for the FoodBuzz 24, 24, 24: Palm Springs Three-Way event. Which means I was really damn busy.

But I know that Mondays are reserved for all of you TomatoManiacs out there. So despite the fact that I had parties to attend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Plus I had to play a big part in getting dinner for 50 prepared for our Three-Way party. I was resolved to get a TomatoMania post up here today.

According the TomatoMania calendar I was supposed to be cooking and posting one of the winning tomato recipes on SippitySup today. Because I promised to cook and post about all the winners over the course of the tomato growing season. Scott will be back with more growing tips next week.

I know my obligations. I take them seriously. So I had the winning recipe cards in my bag. But I have to admit I was not super excited about adding one more cooking task to my already kitchen intensive weekend. But a promise is a promise.

Savor The Thyme Recipe CardSo there I am in the grocery store buying all the things I need for my Three-Way creations. I was feeling quite a bit overwhelmed and that’s when I noticed I had a few tweets waiting to be looked at.

“Well”, I thought. “It can’t really hurt to just peek at the tweets now could it?” In reality I was in massive denial mode. I was so stressed about how I was going to get all these kitchen tasks done, but I was also feeling guilty for putting my TomatoMania cooking duties on the back burner so to speak. Checking out my twitter account was just one more way I could procrastinate. For those of you who remember Grumpy Greg with Chicken Livers, I hope this is a little insight into my mood.

Anyway, I got this tweet from Jennifer at Savor The Thyme: “savorthethyme@sippitysup shrimp yum.…and tomatomania recipes are???”

She was responding to my Spicy Vietnamese Shrimp. But I knew exactly what she meant when she asked about the tomato recipes! She was reading my mind. She was feeling my indecision.

So I made up my mind then and there I would make her winning Roasted Yellow Tomato Soup recipe for lunch that very day.

So I tweeted right back. I even got a confirmation from her on one of the recipe’s ingredients. Hey, I was in the grocery store and I had the recipe card with me.

As she so aptly put it 6 or 8 tweets later: “savorthethyme@sippitysup Tweet and you shall receive”.

Anyway that is the less than democratic way I decided to choose Jennifer’s recipe for this weeks ManiacMonday tomato recipe.

Thanks for making my life a little bit easier Jen.

It was actually the perfect recipe to cook while I was already in the kitchen with the oven on. I simply roasted the potatoes and tomatoes while I was doing other prep for the party. 

The rest of the recipe practically makes itself. I mean I was already sautéing onions for the party, what’s a few more. There was Greek yogurt in the fridge leftover from breakfast. It was all rather painless in fact. That’s because this is a very intuitive recipe written by a very good cook.

And the perfect lunch it was. I ate a bowl all by myself and took a few minutes away from the party planning. It was quite delicious. I followed the recipe very faithfully. I knew Jennifer had put some thought into it and I wanted to stay true to her hard work.

I did have to add about 1 teaspoon of red wine vinegar at the end, right before I served it.  I suspect my tomatoes were less than spectacular. I felt the added punch of acidity brought the tomato flavor foward. Otherwise the potatoes may have stolen the show here.

roasted yellow tomato soupIt is so hard to find good produce in Palm Springs. I do not know why (all those rich people). The mediocore tomatoes may also explain why my soup is so much more yellow than Jennifer’s.

But it still turned out pretty, don’t you think? And for me, on this particular weekend. That was the best part!

This soup is so pretty that the photos practically take themselves! I did not have time to waste with food styling, props, or any of that stuff.

Between this soup’s vibrant color and the beautiful light in the desert, I could not help but get a pretty shot.

Now if those FoodBullies over at FoodGawker would just agree.

Note: I am smiling when I say this! Sassy is part of the SippitySup brand!


Greg Henry