@TheTableSet Podcast Asks “Where’s The Party?”

Time for another episode of The Table Set.

It’s spring everywhere you look here in Southern California and The Table Set has all sorts of seasonal entertaining planned. It’s the perfect time of year for parties in Palm Springs. It also seems the birthdays of friends just come faster and faster. Keeping us on our toes. So we have a new segment debuting this week. It asks the age old question, “Where’s the Party?” 

Where’s The Party?

The weather is beautiful. The flowers are in bloom. So it didn’t take long for us to figure out that our next party would be a Garden Party. All it takes is a pretty place and beautiful spring day, right? Well, yes. But sometimes it’s good to have something a bit more. Which means it’s time to turn once again to The Hot Pot for inspiration. But let me warn you, strange things can bubble out of The Hot Pot so this may be one odd-ball Garden Party.

The Hot Pot is another occasional segment on The Table Set. It’s a melting pot where ideas are thrown randomly together, then drawn one by one from the pot to be discussed for your aural entertainment. Only it’s not really a pot. It’s a museum quality Jens Quistgaard designed teak salad bowl from the 1960s. I think Don Draper has one. Or did Betty get it in the divorce?

Hot Pot Ideas from The Table Set

I hope you will tune in and listen because you could get an invitation to this intimate affair. Just call us at 1–817-82-FRIES and tell us why you should attend. If you have our personal cells numbers, well bully for you, but use the Homefries number anyway. Oh, you have to get your own self to this party. This is not a contest or a freebie. But we’ll feed you once you arrive. This party is during the afternoon of June 23, in the Atwater Village section of Los Angeles. We’re serious. But you have to earn an invitation. So call in. You’ll find yourself both ON the air and AT the party!

Where’s The Party?

And speaking of good things that come to those who call in. A listener named Jane called in from Boston and asked for a non-alcoholic pregatini that still has a bit of The Tablet Set panache. Nobody likes the word mocktail– unless they’re drunk. So it’s hard to know what to call this style of non-alcoholic beverage, but you get the idea of what she’s after, right? Each one of us sat down and started shaking. Not in fear, no. We started shaking up a mocktail. There’s that word again. But– from Andy’s new fashioned Old-Fashioned, to my spa-like No Gin Martini, without forgetting Nathan’s artful Garden Party inspired take on the subject– we did our best. Click on the links or the images below for printable recipes. GREG

New Fashioned Old Fashioned Recipe Card from The Table Set Podcast No Gin Martini from The Table Set Podcast Green Leaf Mocktail from The Table Set Podcast

Where’s The Party?

Where’s The Party?