The Black Chook Sparkling Shiraz (NV)

Dark purple in color, with tons of blackberry and raspberry on the nose, and an interesting floral component. This Australian sparkler has a focused palate of black fruit which successfully mimics the flavors of the soup without interfering. The wine is sweet enough to pair with a dessert course, yet maintains sufficient tartness and minerality to cleanse your palate … and the bubbles make this a fun way to finish the meal.

Outside of Australia, admitting you are a fan of sparkling shiraz will usually get a few sniggers and chuckles from the self-professed wine snobs. I like it for what it is: a simple, fruity, not too sweet sparkling wine with no pretension. It is definitely not a wine I’d bring to a wine club, nor is it something I’d drink everyday. Perhaps this wine should come with an additional label: leave your preconceptions at the door, and enjoy!



Pairs With Plum Seats Soup

Price $15

Also pairs well with barbeque, brunch items, chocolate, pork, and Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • Category Sparkling Wine
  • Varietal Shiraz
  • Region South Australia