Terradora DiPaolo Falanghina

terradora dipaolo falanghinaWINE: 2008 Terradora DiPaolo Falanghina

FOOD: Stuffed Summer Squash di Alici

Another great summer wine, boasting lime, apple, and wet gravel
aromas. The citrus and mineral notes continue on the palate, and are
soon joined by tropical fruit flavors, honey, a little spice, and a
subtle nuttiness. A complex, medium-bodied wine with refreshing
acidity like this is needed to stand up to the big anchovy, garlic and
pepper flavors of Greg’s squash, and the wine’s nuttiness is a perfect
match with the Parmesan cheese topping.

From the Campania region of Italy, Falanghina (FAH-lan-GHEE-na) does not get as much attention as Campania’s other whites, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. All of these grapes thrive in the region’s volcanic soils surrounding nearby Mount Vesuvius, and they can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. Also, keep your eye out for
Campania’s intensely flavored and complex red wine, Taurasi, made from the Anglianico varietal.


PRICE: about $13.00

Also pairs well with: Fish, salad, shrimp, shellfish, spicy dishes,
tomatoes, and grilled vegetables.

Category- White

Varietal- Falanghina

Region- Campania, Italy

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