Tassimo t20 GIVEAWAY: Results Video

We have a winner in the Tassimo t20 coffee system, and I know who it is!

Now I could just blurt it right out and tell you. But that’s not very Sippity Sup, is it? Nope, I like to milk it for all it’s worth.

As usual, I have a video to announce the winner. It’s a “live” drawing and you can watch me read all the entries and drop them one by one in the colander. Then I’ll draw one name randomly and we’ll all know who that lucky person is. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Because this is supposed to be fun. So to keep it fun, I hope we’ll all keep the winner to ourselves. Let’s give that person a chance to sit through the entire video waiting and wondering in anticipation. So please don’t tweet the winner or congratulate them by name here in the comments. You can cry and moan and throw a temper tantrum about losing in the comments or on twitter all you like! But really let’s let the winner suffer a bit, shall we?

If you are the winner send me an email in the contact GREG tab and I’ll arrange delivery.

But if it’s not you, please, before you start throwing things at the computer about the results or the unfair way I do things. Let me say a couple of things. Sure my video system is a bit imperfect compared to random​.org. Sure I always end up forgetting someone who entered, or I miss somebody’s tweet and they don’t get all the entries they deserve. But I think this makes things fun. Besides, don’t we all have enough computer generated activities in our lives??

Besides, even if you did not get lucky here, you can run right over to Eat Live Travel Write for another chance to win this exact same machine. Aren’t blogs fun? GREG