Sup’s! Shop- Family Farms “Soul” Food

One of the things I’d like to do with Sup’s! Shop is become a resource for specialized products that can’t easily be found. I am particularly happy when I discover food items that are lovingly produced on family farms, respecting local traditions and tastes. These artisanal products tell a story with every bite – of sunshine and autumn breezes, of meticulous caretaking in the field and the passionate quest to nurture the best ingredients. But food like this also speaks of families laughing together while working, and continuing proud local traditions. Using the finest ingredients is the first step in creating food that touches your soul.

Today I have paired two classic Italian condiments. Eggplant Spread and Tuscan Red Onion Chutney. They are $37 for both. They represent the best quality possible, and I’d like you to continue reading after the jump and get to know these products and the farmers who produce them. GREG


Tuscan farmers Roberta and GiulioAll the ingredients for this spread were grown on the small certified organic family farm, Antico Colle Fiorito– Roberta and Giulio tend this farm in the hills of Tuscany. On these 14 hectares, they and their children are mastering a fully integrated production of hearty vegetables, aromatic herbs, extra virgin olive oil and sun-ripened fruits. Positively obsessed with making the world a healthier place and educating their customers, whom they call friends, on sustainable agriculture, they only use estate-grown ingredients for their products — capturing Tuscany’s sunny fields in the food that they produce.

Roberta and Giulio use eggplants, sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, and oregano in this spread. There is a hint of chili pepper too, for that little “kick”.  It is even blended with their very own estate-produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This love and labor produce an exceptional product. It is great for sandwiches, but can bring flavor to so many more dishes: add some to a quick pasta salad, or use it in vegetable-based sauces to deepen the flavor. You can also mix it with cream cheese making a sophisticated dip! Just remember to add a little at a time, because the flavors of this spread are very condensed!


Tuscan Farmers Barbara and FabioBarbara and Fabio are the couple behind the small farm Podere del Grillo which produced the onions for this jam. They are dedicated to growing the best organic produce on the historic terraces of their land, they spend their days working the 25 acres of land planted with the heirloom Grinzoso Tomato variety, indigenous artichokes and the Tuscan Red Onion which is a variety that is much sweeter than other red onions. For this jam, Barbara and Fabio blend their own organic onions with Juniper berries and a little red wine for a perfectly balanced taste.

Traditionally this jam is served with aged cow’s milk or sheep’s milk cheese. I have also enjoyed it with grilled and roasted chicken and pork. It can transform that turkey sandwich into an Italian masterpiece too.

The Podere del Grillo is Family Farms that is certified organic in Italy.



Greg Henry