Sup! Sez: The OpenSky Project is 2 Sups Up!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about SippitySup lately. It’s developed a bit of a life of its own. Which is very exciting but also comes with some responsibilities.

As blogging has developed into a powerful voice on the web, people in marketing and publicity have begun knocking on our doors. They have noticed that bloggers are gaining influence with their readers. Many of the better-known blogs have become taste-makers and opinion-setters.

So as SippitySup has grown I have gotten more and more requests to promote things right here on this blog. Of course it’s flattering, but it also presents a conundrum. Because Sup! is a picky bastard.

Sup! likes, quality­– but demands value. Sup! likes style– but there needs too be substance too. Sup! is concerned about the environment and the impact of consumer products. Sup’s! tastes run to simple and modern, but there is plenty of appreciation for the classics and quite a few of the old favorites. Even some stuff my mom had.

So in truth I have to turn down most of the offers I get at promotion because, well, I just don’t like, trust, use, or enjoy the silly products they want me to promote.

Sup! has integrity, despite the snarky attitude…

shirred eggs in ramekinsStill, I read the mail and comments all of you send my way. Take last week’s, Shirred Eggs with Benedict Arnold Sauce. I got several questions about the stainless steel ramekins I used in the photo. Most of the enquiries left off with “where can I get that?” I dutifully answered the best I could of course, but l could not really help beyond providing a brand name.

Naturally it would be great if I could provide you with more information. A way to actually get some of the stuff that Sup! loves and uses right here in my own kitchen. And what if I could even get you the occasional discount on this stuff? Well then, I would be doing a whole lot more than merely yakking about stuff, huh?

Enter The OpenSky Project. This is new and it is going to be a big deal. Because OpenSky is a community driven, virtual shopping experience filled with shops from online experts you know and trust.

The terrific thing is, that despite its existence in the nether reaches of the online noosphere, it is really based upon the oldest and most trusted model known in retail. Which was once known as “the mom and pop” store. A store run by people you know and whose opinions you can trust!

Sure Amazon is convenient, but sometimes I read those product reviews and wonder just what marketing department where came up with that stuff. I mean does LornaLoveBug really know anything at all about snow chains for my Prius? Hell, is LornaLoveBug even an actual person?

sippitysup and openskyOpenSky is different, because marketing departments and inventory regulators do not decide what merchandise we shopkeepers stock in our storefronts. We shopkeepers choose each item ourselves. We choose items we love. OpenSky works behind the scenes putting the deal together to get these products sourced and available to our readers!

Yes that is a bit of genius. And Sup! is definitely onboard and ready to roll. My shop is now open for business. My store is starting small, but you can bet I am going through my cupboards and pulling out the stuff I love and working hard to get it to you. And for a limited time (through Nov. 15, ’09) you can use this 10% discount code (Greg1009) at my shop or any of the other great shops at OpenSky.

So the next time you ask me about some product you have seen me use, I’ll be able to do more than give you a brand name and wish you luck finding it! ‘Cuz hopefully you will be able to find it at OpenSky, in the Sup!Shop.


Greg Henry