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Two Sups! Up

The Holidays are here and Sup! is getting giddy. You might not think it were so, but I love this time of year… Fa, La, La, La, Lah…La, La, La, Lahhhh!

This season is going to be extra special too. Because I am involved with a new kind of online shopping experience called The OpenSky Project and I get to pass some specials and discounts on to you.

Here’s an example.

GO NOW TO http://​holidays​.theopenskyproject​.com/ You will see a place to enter your email address and the name of your favorite shopkeeper. Which is SIPPITYSUP of course!  Once you have filled in the blanks, hit submit. Then watch your inbox.

Within 48 hours, everyone who enters a valid email address and SIPPITYSUP will receive a coupon code. The first 50 people to shop willl receive $15 off any purchase over $20. A select few VERY, VERY early birds will even get FREE shipping (that could translate to 75% off a well chosen item). All the others will receive coupons for 10% to 50%, or $15 to $100 off any OpenSky purchase (minimum purchase prices and expiration times will vary by coupon). The quicker you sign up, the more likely you’ll receive a better discount. So don’t wait.

Open Sky December PromoOnce you have your discount code you can start shopping at OpenSky. You can go to the SippitySup Shop by CLICKING here.

But the great thing is this coupon code is good on any of the great shops on OpenSky! You can shop by expert or by category. You can read my reviews on certain products, or you can hear what other online experts think about their items. And these are honest-to-goodness experts, people you can get to know and trust. Who knows who writes those reviews for Amazon…

My shop is pretty new, so there are not a lot of things in it yet. But the things that are there have been chosen by me, tested by me and whole-heartedly recommended by me. As you know Sup! is a picky bastard. Sup! likes quality, but demands value. Sup! likes style, but there needs to be substance too. Sup! is concerned about the environment and the impact of consumer products. Sup!’s tastes run to simple and modern, but there is plenty of appreciation for the classics and quite a few of the old favorites. I’ll even choose some stuff my mom had. I am particularly fond of the Dolonghi Panini Press, which at $42.89 (with that $15 coupon code) is a wonderful bargain and terrific gift.

In fact, if you purchase a Delonghi Panini Press during this promotion. I am going to throw something in extra! I’ll send you a recipe for the greatest hot panini you have ever tasted. This thing oozes cheese! On top of that, this recipe won’t even be available at SippitySup. It will just be between you and me. Because that’s the kind of shop I run. Personal touches to make sure you are happy. So come on make that purchase. Then send me an email telling me how much you love your panini press and I’ll get that recipe right over to you. You know where to get me, greg at sippitysup dot com. Come in. Shop with me at OpenSky. I am always here.

My shop is going to be a growing resource for cookbooks too. I put a lot of energy into choosing cookbooks that I think offer something special. You can read my in-depth reviews either at OpenSky or at SippitySup. Guy Mirabella’s new cookbook EAT/ATE is the book I am most excited about right now, and it is available at my shop. But check back often because I have 2 new cookbook reviews coming before Christmas!

Open Sky PromotionBut I am taking up too much of your valuable time. You need to CLICK over to the OpenSky promo page and get your coupon code right now. The last promo was so popular it was over before I even got out of bed that morning!

That’s because this kind of expert “curated” shopping experience is a concept whose time has come. And I can promise you that I will carefully choose the items I put in my shop. You will only find products I fully believe in!

There will be many more great opportunities to save money coming from SippitySup. If you would like to be among the first to hear about them. Send an email to greg  at sippitysup dot com. With “SS List” in the subject line and I’ll get you on the list. So here are the details, once more…

The first 50 of you that CLICK to the Open Sky Promo Page and List SIPPITYSUP as their favorite shop keeper will receive the following unique coupon: $15 off a $20 minimum purchase. This discount is good for any OpenSky item. Limit one per customer. The code will be valid until the coupon is used 50 times or until expiration time, whichever comes first. After the first 50 entries from each Shopkeeper, users will be assigned other coupons, ranging from 10% to 50% off.

So what are doing still here? Get going…CLICK! CLICK!


Greg Henry