Sup! Sez: 2 Sups! Up For DeLonghi Panini Press

Sup! is starting a new regular feature here at SippitySup. I am going to start highlighting (every once in a while) a particular product or gadget I like and give you my particular lowdown on it. So get used to hearing the phrase 2 Sups! Up, and also seeing this distictive new icon on the right; because that is how you will know when Sup! likes something…

And just so you know, every one of these products will be chosen by me. There are no publicists pushing these products on me, so these are not going to be standard reviews. While it is tempting to use SippitySup as a soapbox to trash certain products I have been disappointed with in the past, it seems silly to waste your time with a bunch of blather about what I don’t like. For this reason I will only choose products I know, use and love.

I decided to do this because I have recently become affiliated with The OpenSky Project. OpenSky is a community driven, virtual shopping experience filled with shops from online experts you know and trust.

To celebrate both the holidays and my fledgling shop at OpenSky. I can offer you a tempting little deal as an inticement to check out all the great stuff that OpenSky has to offer. From now until Dec. 1, if you visit my shop and make a purchase (no matter how small), OpenSky will automatically send you a discount code for $25.00 off your next purchase of $50.00 or more through the end of the year. Plus they will throw in free shipping!

DeLonghi Panini PressSo to get this party started I have decided to feature the DeLonghi Contact Grill Panini Press. And let me start out by saying, George Forman– eat your heart out, because someone finally got the panini press right!

I love the looks of this retro style panini grill. Just looking at it gets my creative juices flowing. I mean think of the endless possibilities for quick and easy meals. I can imagine all kinds of sophisticated combinations that I could create “panini style” with this beauty.

Of course it can grill chicken, meat, fish, even vegetables too; but it’s the panini possibilities that make me smile.

Now, I don’t want to tell you what to do with this thing, because I know you are a creative cook. But if you click here I’ll give you the recipe for the grilled Gouda, tomato and basil sandwich I made with mine moments after it landed on my kitchen counter!


Greg Henry