Sup! Loves Cookbooks: Stonewall Kitchen Winter Celebrations

This book immediately caught my eye, so I knew it belonged in my OpenSky shop. CLICK here to purchase or browse. Use the coupon code REDESIGN for 10% off through January 31! The book feels so right to me because it seems to sense my mood just right.

You might not know it (by the way I am dressed) but Sup! can be quite the fashionable devil. I am pretty good at whiffing out the “now” and the “hot”. I immediately know what the next “new black” is just by looking.

I am here to proclaim the “new black” in cookbooks focuses on books that have a specialized niche. You can thank the web for this trend because there is so much information available to us now and with just a few quick keystrokes we can edit out all that is superfluous.

Which is why Stonewall Kitchen Winter Celebrations is the next must have kitchen accessory of the season. Because these guys were smart enough to make it perfectly seasonable. It is the au courant little book of fashionable self-indulgence. It’s filled with recipes that make you want to (yes!) celebrate the season in style.

sippitysup OpenSky purchase widgetIts appeal lies in its total “of the moment” aura. It seems to have its pulse on how you long to entertain this winter. It knows what suits you and it nudges you along. Believe me, this book will inspire you to bring a beautiful sense of seasonal style to all your cold weather meals. That’s because it’s gorgeous to look at, simple to read­– and it’s an inexpensive little book too. It’s just like that unexpected little bauble you so love; it can pull the whole thing together without too much fuss.

Sure, this cookbook is no diamond tiara; but where would you wear one of those anyway? This book is more like a fashionable pair of big dangly earrings, or a jaunty hat, the kind that makes you feel that gotta have it now. It’s the perfect little accessory to help you cook your way through the winter with panache.

That intimate little dinner party by the fireplace you have been planning will be made all the more special with just the right sort of bling this book can bring. Because doesn’t Osso Buco with Orange Gremolata just scream January warmth and comfort to you? It’s just the sort of simple, barely adorned recipe that will make that fireside dinner feel oh so right!

cadied pecansBut its charms don’t stop there. Whether you are throwing an elegant cocktail party for close friends or have invited the extended family over for dinner. The recipes in this book add seasonal pizzazz with updated side-dishes like Mashed Parsnips and Pears or an elegant version of Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Nutmeg-Cardamom Cream and Pancetta Breadcrumbs. These emerald green beauties will make anyone take a second look at that much maligned veggie. There are seasonal standbys too. That’s because the guys at Stonewall can also reach into the back of the closet and bring out a cherished favorite like slow-roasted Brisket with Winter Vegetables. Now that certainly celebrates the season. You may CLICK here for more information on the book or make a purchase in my OpenSky Shop.

I decided to make the Curried Maple Pecans because those shiny little gems just screamed “look at me”! They were a huge success too. I have tried making candied nuts before too. They are often cloyingly sweet. But the curry and ginger added a lot of depth to the sweet maple syrup. I also like the bite that came from the black pepper. It was the unexpected touch that, though I hate to beat a metaphor to death, made these a hit on my runway!

Curried Maple Pecans serves 6 CLICK here for a printable recipe

  • 1 T unsalted butter
  • 1⁄2 t curry powder
  • 1⁄2 t ground ginger
  • 1⁄8 t each, coarse salt and pepper (or to taste)
  • 1 c pecan halves
  • 1⁄4 c pure maple syrup

candied walnutsIn a large, heavy skillet, melt the butter over low heat. Add the curry, ginger, salt and pepper, stirring well to mix the spices into the butter. Let cook 2 minutes.

Add the pecans and cook another 2 minutes. Pour the maple syrup on top and, stirring frequently, cook another 2 to 3 minutes, or until the syrup has thickened a bit and the nuts look glazed.

Pour the nuts onto waxed or parchment paper or foil, being careful to separate them. as they tend to stick together.

When cool, move the nuts to a well-sealed container in a cool spot.


Greg Henry